First bit of work

1 02 2007

So first things first I have a wee look at my student desktop. Much of the course work is available on-line. This is especially great for me as I live in the sticks.

It seems my tutor is a lady called Carol McKay and she has sent everyone a lovely email containing our first “kind of” assignment

100 words about myself. In the third person?


Okay then.

Here goes.

J is a 32 year old mum of three.

She is taking a late year or two out from the world of work, to catch up on the education she missed on account of “having her babies young”.

Always a glutton for punishment; she is also studying A207 this year. She hopes it may provide useful inspiration.

She is married and lives in Stranraer with a menagerie of creatures including a corn snake, a tarantula and a Labrador cross. All but the Labrador are essentially props for her husband’s job.

J is still very afraid of spiders.




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