The enigmatic man

10 02 2007

A tall man. Ill at ease in his own stature yet somehow comfortable with himself. His accent has the long drawn vowels of London yet his vocabulary and knowledge of the classics suggests public schooling.

No airs and graces, he dresses in casual clothes. Jeans and sweatshirts. No fancy designer wear. It would be easy to miss the expensive shoes.

His dark hair and goatee beard always cut to careless perfection.

He claimed to be her landlord.

She asked around and it seemed know one knows what he does for a living. Yet the barman, who she had always considered particularly astute, pointed out with a raised eyebrow that he drank there almost every night. He must earn the money to do that somewhere.

And if he wasn’t her landlord, how did he know so much about the old house?

(140 words)




3 responses

15 02 2007
Anita Marie

How did he know so much about the house?!

I really enjoyed ‘meeting’ the characters and the way you introduced the suspense in just one simple sentence.

anita marie

16 02 2007
Jason Dufair

Nice start. Wish I had the rest of the story!

16 02 2007

Thank you for commenting Anita Marie and Jason

Haven’t really figured out the rest of the story yet.

(but if/when I do I will post it up for you)

Its loosely based on a real person my friend and I met one night.

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