10am 22nd July 2005

16 02 2007

Turbulence. Buildings coming down.
The sky is falling down.
Do you understand where I’m coming from?
This life. Still trying to fit in outside
Chasing my tail again.
Watching the rain again.

All that you’ve ever known is still in your head.
Is it just in your head?
Do you know what I mean?
Will you tell me your dreams,
Or lie awake with me listening to the sound of the rain?

Insignificance. Dark eyed and terrified.
Make shadows in candlelight.
Do you see how they twist and turn?
Half life. Can you take me away tonight?
Make it all go away.
I’m too tired to fight tonight.

Intelligence. A man on the underground. A man falls down. Dark shadows all around. One life.
Mistakenly mis-identified.

(July 2005)

In memory of Jean Charles de Menezes




3 responses

17 02 2007
experimental chimp


This is definitely the best of the poems you’ve posted today. I could go on for a bit about the effectiveness of the half-rhymes and repetition, coupled with the almost claustrophobic meter, but my literary-analysis skills are rusty, so maybe I should just stick to “excellent”?

18 02 2007

you’re not bipolar but a terrifying soul, i tried to follow you and then ouchhhhh what was that vampire doing in your closet?!

24 02 2007

Coincidence? I was there with you in the psychosis.

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