Coming out of the closet

16 02 2007

So I have been having lots of fun this week with the Unit two exercises. I’ve been keeping my notebook close to hand and adding to it furiously.

Through using some of the free associations I actually think I may have the beginnings of a novel. Its certainly helping me stayed focussed on picking out the minutiae of everyday life.

As most of these are just notes I haven’t found anything worthy of posting, I will once there is something a bit more tangible.

I had a go at the freewriting part of TMA 01 (my first assignment) this afternoon. Only I got interrupted by the phone just as I was starting to really flow with it. And it was a telesales call….grrr…Very frustrating!

However I also had a look around the kind of stuff I have hoarded in the back of my wardrobe. Journals from 6 years ago. Old stories and stuff.
Well I found my file of song lyrics.

I used to be in band and was always trying to come up with new songs for us. Most of it was tosh. We were mainly a punk rock band so it was your usual sing-a-long-a-punk rubbish. But amongst my folder were a few gems that I think might (if spruced up a bit) almost qualify as poetry.

Anyway, taking a deep breath, I’ve decided to post them.

They date back from 1996 so it might be interesting even for a look at how my style has progressed.

I’m hoping it’s gotten better over the years.




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