The affair

16 02 2007

Tied apart but we could not stop
Taking out my heart and then just ripping it up.
Burnt my hands on your open fire.
It’s getting late and I’m all used up.
Drew your knife but you cut too deep
You’re filling up my head and now I can’t sleep.

I’m coming down now the sands run out
Fill me up with the way that this feels
This is turning me inside out
I’m coming round but I’ve broken down again

Cut too deep and I can’t escape
Bruised my head on your gentle kiss
Make me wise with your stupid talk
Cut me deeper and I’ll not breathe –you see I’m
Going under now I can’t speak
You’re opening me up and you make me weak

And if we speak does it make it real?
Tuck us into unfaithful beds
I know that buried under all the pain you feel
That underneath it all you were soft and warm
And when we fell I could feel you crack
And when we fell we could not go back.

(Jan 1998)




One response

20 03 2007

Good one

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