16 02 2007

Go beyond the night, where the pale moon sings
Set the streets alight, with the mood that she brings
Lift your head to the stars.
Could they find you? Would you welcome them in?
Crawled inside you, through the holes in your being.
-It’s just getting better now.

Catching the ends of your butterfly wings
Running around these eternity rings
Searching for something you never quite reach
Just within your grasp,
But beyond belief.

Go beyond the dreams where the nightmares sleep
Smash their faces, with the secrets you keep
Hold their heads till the morning.
When you come around, with your newborn pride
Open your eyes. It’s just getting better now.
Telling me everything, everything, everything.

(June 1998)




One response

22 02 2007

I like this poem.

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