Same place different mood

23 03 2007

This exercise was used to try and show how mood can be portrayed through the description of the setting.

In each example the character is the same and the setting is the same but the mood of the character is very different
(Character is unwell and worries what the symptoms might mean)

She came to the park that day because she needed time to think. She wasn’t ready to face up to what the lump might mean. She walked past the boating pond; void of families. The weather too cold now. She pulled her coat round tight against the wind, stuck her head down and kept on walking. The season was changing. The ochre leaves of the trees had almost all dropped. A few clung here and there in defiance. Still she walked.
She came to the memorial stone. Here was the anchor from The Princess Victoria. She thought of the men and women who perished that day in the icy sea. From here the water was just out of sight but she could feel the bitter wind on her cheek. As though mother nature in her cruelty had let out a great sigh and then willed the snow clouds to push it across the waves towards her.

(Character has just purchased a dream house
She came through the park today as she often did on a Sunday. The weather was brisk and she hugged herself deeper into her warm coat. She walked past the boating pond. It glistened and rippled in the autumn air. There were few people around but she found herself enjoying the peacefulness.
She stopped for a while and read the inscription on the ferry memorial. So many lives lost in that sea. It seemed to her to be so unfair. How many had set off hoping for a new life? What adventures they might have had?
She would miss the old town with it’s quiet ways but her new life was waiting for her up in the city. She turned her back on the sea and strode on towards the train station.




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