Snap shot

12 04 2007

Just playing with characters and points of view…

we had a 300 word limit. I ran over at 350.

You know how it is. You’re standing there outside the bar and you’re weighing it up in your head. Should I go in? Can I do this?

Well on Saturday there I was. Dressed up. Looking okay. I’d gone to the barbers that morning and I decided to wear my grey suit. I haven’t worn that since the court case but I wanted to make a good impression. This girl you see. Sarah. Wow. I couldn’t believe it when she agreed to meet up with me. But there was I, thinking maybe a coffee or a bite to eat perhaps. It was her who suggested the Rubberneckers. It was easy for her to find. She said she’d be getting the three o clock train.

Well I dithered about outside for a while. Trying to pluck up the courage really. Obviously I’ve just avoided the places. It’s easiest. But I’d said to my counsellor on Tuesday night and she had told me “Andy, you’re ready for this. You’ve not had a drink in over eighteen months,” and you have to agree I’m a changed man. The accident really gave me the jolt I needed. They could have given me the jail after all.

So there I am. At the door and I took a deep breath and walked through the doors. It was the smell that got me first. That sweet pungent aroma of alcohol and stale old man sweat. The place wasn’t too busy. There was a young couple sitting near the bar, nursing a pint each and a pair of old dears sitting up at the window with what looked like G&T’s.

I got to the bar though and there was a chap, early forties maybe? In fact, he reminded me a lot of myself. He had far away eyes and sitting in front of him was the most beautiful glass of whiskey I had ever seen. For a moment I thought. I could have one. Just one. Just to remember the taste.

But you’d have been proud of me.

I said, “An orange juice please.” Just like that.




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