Pass on the Secret of Happiness

7 05 2007

There’s a post just now over at DameWiggy that caught my eye this morning.

In particular one of the comments struck a chord with me. What things make us feel really happy? Proper genuine happiness?

So my list..ten things

1. A sea view, no matter what the weather
2. Fresh coffee first thing in the morning
3. The sound of my children laughing
4. A good book
5. My lovers shoulder under my cheek; his arms wrapped round me.
6. Those fantastic nights where you sit with good friends and feel like you really connect over some trivial conversation.
7. Painting my toenails vivid red and then taking every excuse to walk barefoot
8. Trawling through charity shops and finding the perfect dress.
9. Potting up new plants in my garden
10. Dancing like no one is watching

Go on.

I dare you.

Try it yourself and pass on a little happiness…




3 responses

7 05 2007

Ah, #6 made me smile. What a great feeling, the good relaxed chemistry of friends in good conversation.

Fresh coffee sounds good, too … I think I’ll go make a pot, and ponder my top ten.

8 05 2007
pass on the secret of happiness ... « sleepless in cologne

[…] on the secret of happiness … what makes me happy? really nice question, puddlejumper. i’m afraid this will sound pretty much like your list, but i’ll make a point by […]

9 05 2007

1.Candy. Candy. Candy
2. Soft warm breezes on spring nights
3. New potatoes
4. Toddler cheeks
5. That book you’ll never forget, that spark it puts in your heart
6. The tormenting, sarcastic thread through my family
7. Singing loudly in an empty house
8. my eyes
9. seeing those eyes on my daughters
10. actually having 9 things to be happy about. 🙂

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