Exam bleugh!!!!

8 10 2007

So, last week I felt all shiny as I finally reached the end of A215, The Open University Creative Writing course.

It has definitely been one of the most enjoyable OU courses I have ever had the pleasure of studying. Really didn’t feel like work a lot of the time.

Our final mark is made up of our ongoing coursework and an end of term Portfolio, each making up 50%. Your grade therefore is determined by your final mark for both.

I’ve managed to get a good grade for the ongoing coursework and so was keen to get something half decent for my Portfolio.

I think in the end I did okay.

I (tentatively) reckon I will have passed though what grade of pass I’m not so sure. The trouble with artistic pursuits is it’s still relying on the subjectivity of the marker.

We get our results on December 14th so watch this space.

As many of you know I’ve also been studying A207 From Enlightenment to Romanticism

My exam is this coming Thursday.

Mr Puddlejumper says I’ve been like a bear with a sore head all week.

I’ve been wondering about this. I mean I was stressed out a little getting my Portfolio finished and sent out and was starting to think perhaps it’s just the strain of studying two courses at once, especially as they both have quite a heavy workload towards the end. It’s made me question my plan to take on two courses next year.

But as I sat yesterday with my books sprawled all over my bed frantically writing last minute notes it dawned on me. I just haven’t found A207 as enjoyable as the Creative Writing Course.

It’s very “bitty”.

By that I mean it touched on so many disciplines, people and events but never really got stuck into any of them enough for me to properly engage.

As with the Creative Writiing course I’ve had good enough marks in my continuous assessment to get a good pass depending on how I do in the exam.

And you know how it is. An exam has such emotional weight that it’s difficult to think of much else when it’s staring you in the face. My life as I know it has really felt like it has been on hold this past month. I can’t see any further just now. I feel like I’m in limbo.

You know, social plans; housework; figuring out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life!!!!

As for doing any sort of Creative Writing – forget it! I don’t have the brain-space at the moment.

All I know is whether I do well or fail miserably I will be so happy come Thursday night just to have it behind me.




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