Chronic Recurring Condition

14 12 2007

The bed-sit with the bright orange curtains
Let in the sunshine until one day
They opened onto darkness.
And so down in the carpark you gave in.
Had your first hit
And then the sun…
Well it just couldn’t compete,
Could it?

Now day after day you’re waiting and queuing
From dealer to dole-cheque a circle making
A great big fat nothing
Like the shape of your mouth
When they told you he was dead
The noise of those nightmares ring in your head
Like a mobile phone that no one’s hearing
In a vacant room
Down comes the tree in the empty clearing.

No map to avert the wrong direction
Long sleeves cloak the signs of your addiction
But nothing conceals the death in your eyes
And so you stop seeing your own reflection
It’s time for resurrection

Chaotic, robotic, narcotic

Veins imploding blood coursing
Get clean but don’t think that means you’re dirty
Your soul is still fighting
Stop hiding.
Raise your head.
Stop looking at the pavement
You’re better than that
You can get higher than that,
Put the knife away son, there’s no call for that




5 responses

28 12 2007

“Your soul is still fighting
Stop hiding.
Raise your head.”

Simply Beautiful Writing!

29 12 2007

Fantastic, simply fantastic.

30 12 2007

Thankyou guys, both of you.

I really wasn’t sure about this one but getting a couple of positive responses has invigorated me. I wrote the above, initially just messing around looking for song lyrics so I might have to go dust off my guitar and do something with it now.


and all the Best for the New Year


2 01 2008

Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I have been terrible about not asking people first. I thought I would attempt to do this the proper way. 😉

7 01 2008

Of course you can add me. I would be honoured!


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