Christmas Spending

15 12 2007

Christmas lights flickering, shimmering,
But without the smell of cinnamon or frankincense
Fire in the grate but instead of being
Curled up like a cat in the armchair
He’s sprawled on the rug,
Drinking warm whisky.
Gazing at the flames in the fireplace crackling
And spitting and carrying his worries away.
The smoke from the chimney rising and merging
With the carbon molecules of winters skies.
Turning to snow and falling down
On some far off place
To be trampled down
By the boot of a woodcutter.




5 responses

17 12 2007

Hi puddle
do you mind if i steal your piece of artistic poet?

17 12 2007

Seen as it’s you…ok then 🙂

But credit it to me and if you get any money from it I want at least half!


6 01 2008
a gay dad

better late than never, Happy new year.
and i didnt get any money but a punch, want a half?

7 01 2008

Lol, you’re ok. You can keep it. Unless it was of the alcoholic variety?

5 03 2008
sheryl beth

this is really great of you all!

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