Two woo-hoos! (from a published writer)

15 12 2007

Just to update on my progress, I’ve not written here for a wee while but it’s been because good things are happening.

Woo-hoo number one!

Finally had a short story published.

The much respected Thriller UK magazine took Tam the Bam

They sent me a copy in the post.

What a fantastic feeling seeing my name in print. I was so excited I did a little victory dance around my livingroom.

My other good news is that I got my course results from the Open University.

A207 Enlightenment to Romanticism – Grade 2 Pass!

A215 Creative Writing – Distinction.

Fucking Distinction!!!

Was so surprised. I figured I’d passed but to get a distinction has made me feel so proud and really given my confidence a boost.

Combined with my recent publication I’m starting to believe I have what it takes and this has made the whole process immensely satisfying.

So…what next?

Well I’ve applied to study Film & Television History and The Art of English

But from now until the start dates in at the end of January I think I’ll just chill a bit and enjoy the Festive Season.

Hope everyone who is still reading has a good one.




3 responses

15 12 2007

whoot! congrats to the published writer!

23 01 2008

Wow! Congratulations – brilliant results all round.
I’m currently wading through the Poetry section of A215 but I’ve abandoned Herbert’s chapter of the BRB and headed into Stephen Fry’s excellent book “The Ode less Travelled”. Wish me luck!

4 02 2008

Well done you! 🙂

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