Starting/finishing or not knowing ones arse from ones elbow

21 09 2008

I finish  AA310 Film and TV History in two and a half weeks. Exam is 8th October.

My next course, A363, the brand new all singing all dancing, yes you’ve all been waiting… ****Advanced Creative Writing**** starts in just over a week and I’m DESPERATE to get started.

But I daren’t. What if my muse sets off with gusto and I end up with no brain space left and then fail my AA310 exam? Can’t let that happen.

Instead, I go through the motions of revising.

And all the while the various characters and storylines congregate impatiently at the gates of my mind. Set free via my early reading of the A363 coursebook (not a wise move but how could I not?). I can hear them, coughing and spluttering and occasionally banging on the gates wanting in.

What if they won’t wait for me?  They all give up and go home?  And then I’m left with a big shiny piece of blank paper and nothing to put on it?

If I fail my exam I blame the OU…




3 responses

22 09 2008

Hi there! I am hurriedly revising my A215 course materials so that I feel prepared to get started with the new course. Good luck with your exam and I am sure we will be discussing the new course when we both get going.

28 09 2008

As an old grammer pedant, I feel I must suggest an apostrophe or two!! (the elbow of one, the arse of one??) Or I may just have had too much fizzy wine.
Sorry, I was taught grammer by penguins:)
Best of luck with the exam.

30 09 2008

True, argh! Though I think you might want to check the spelling of grammar mum? 🙂

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