Tell me what you’re reading?

23 02 2009

Reading this partly as research for my end of term piece.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Janice Galloway.

Janice Galloway is one of the few Scottish writers who truly captures what it feels like to be a working class woman. I will finish this book tonight and to be honest I’ve had to reluctantly put it down a few times already, lest I devour it all at once.

The narrator gives an unnervingly honest account of her inabilty to manage her life as it disintegrates around her. This really sturck a chord with my own circumstances a year or so ago. I’m rooting for her now to recover, as I did.

There is a wonderful feeling of familiarity in the setting too. A book that describes the characters and scenery of my own place in the world.

Though I love the escapism of reading about ancient Egypt or uptown New York, current UK fiction often seems to miss out “my” view of the world.

Decent female writing, is so often either set in London (which may as well be a world away) and/or written to a middle class audience.

Male UK writers seem to have more freedom to explore the sense of place and class, but few, if any, capture womanhood, in a way I can relate to.

But Janice…

…she’s got the lot.

I’ve a feeling I’ll be treating myself to just a wee bit more “research material”.

But once her books are all read, then what?

Suggestions anyone?

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One response

23 02 2009

hello, I have just released my debute novel ‘Gracey’ my reviews are awesome. You may like this one…it will surprise you. Thank you.. Tamalyn

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